14 - 16 NOVEMBER 2023


Closing Ceremony & Winner Announcement

About I-PICTL2023

I-PICTL is an international level program that competes for teaching and learning innovation in higher education and has been well received by public and private universities, Teacher Training Institutes and foreign universities. CADe-Lead has organized I-PICTL for five consecutive years starting in 2018 until 2022. Starting as a program organized only at the national level, I-PICTL has been made into an international program starting in 2020 to attract participation from educational institutions overseas.

With a carnival format, I-PICTL brings together several events and activities related to the cultivation of innovation and creativity in teaching and learning among educators and students, further promoting academic quality for the sake of excellence in the country's higher education. As a continuation of the successful organization of I-PICTL since 2018, CADe-Lead will once again organize I-PICTL2023 online.

The organization of I-PICTL2023 focuses on teaching and learning innovation to achieve the following objectives:

Providing a platform for academic officers, teachers and students to share and spread widely the results of innovation and creativity in teaching and learning;


Preserving a culture of innovation and creativity in teaching and learning among academic officers, teachers and students.


Provide a talent pool (talent pool) to be highlighted for awards at the national and international level;


Recognize the excellence of Putra InnoCreative Educators in teaching and learning innovation;


Build a community of e-Learning practitioners among academic officers, teachers and students.

“Innovative Pedagogies for Resilient Education: Nurturing Tomorrow’s Mind”

Pedagogi Inovatif bagi Pendidikan Berdaya Tahan: Pemupukan Minda Masa Hadapan

I-PICTL 2023 focuses on innovative teaching and learning approaches that shape the future of education. Educators, researchers, and practitioners come together to share insights, experiences, and best practices in utilizing innovative pedagogies. The carnival explores emerging trends, methodologies, and technologies that foster creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills among students. It emphasizes the integration of digital tools, experiential learning, interdisciplinary approaches, and inclusive education to create a transformative educational environment.

Resilient education is a key theme, highlighting the need for innovative pedagogies that foster adaptability, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in challenging times. Participants discuss empowering students to navigate uncertainty and thrive in rapidly changing contexts.

I-PICTL 2023 showcases innovative approaches to cultivate students' adaptability, creativity, and problem-solving abilities through interdisciplinary connections, experiential learning, and digital tools. Effective pedagogies beyond traditional methods, leveraging technology, collaborative learning environments, and inclusive practices, are highlighted. i-PiCTL2023 also addresses the importance of educators' professional development in implementing innovative pedagogies and fostering resilient mindsets among students.

I-PICTL 2023 inspires educators to adopt innovative pedagogies for the future of education, nurturing resilient minds and equipping students with essential skills to thrive in challenging times.

I-PICTL2023 Resources

Unlock valuable insights and guidance to stay helpful throughout the carnival with our I-PICTL SPACE Manual Book and I-PICTL Programme Book for I-PICTL 2023. 

I-PICTL Space Manual Book

I-PICTL2023 Programme Book

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